Distopians Manga

The first generative manga ever created
Create your own story!

Optimized contract for lower gas fees
1000 supply, 0.035 mint price

DIstopians manga

How it works

The Distopians Manga is the first generative comic/manga ever built on the Ethereum blockchain. After minting 1 NFT you will get 1 page composed of 3 distinct panels.

Standing of their own, these panels have no context attached to them. They are just beautiful pieces of art. The magic happens when we combine them!

We have created panels for each category (top, middle and bottom) that make a general good starting of a story (top panels), general good bridge/climax (middle panels), and a general good ending of a story (bottom panels).

There are :
-35 top panels
-35 middle panels
-35 bottom panels
Making to a total of 105 panels from which the stories are generated!
30 panels will be fully colored

Our vision

The v1 roadmap of the first generative manga ever created is focused on exploring the boundaries of what can be achieved with such an unique project. We are aiming to become an community-driven ecosystem using our love for art, storytelling and innovation to create something that shall never be forgotten.

To be noted that we love being flexible and we will always do our best for the well being of the community.

Here are some of our immediate goals during mint:

15% pages created

Let's spark our creativity!

Competition where you add captions to your manga pages.

ETH prizes!

30% pages created

Distopians Manga Museum

Start building the
"Distopians Manga museum", where we showcase the most curated of the pages by our collectors and community.

50%+ pages created

Create your own story!

Creation of the engine combining the pages.
When you minted you created a story.
Here we flourish it!
We present

Our team


Founder, project manager, creative director


Main artist




Artist assistant


General helper & discord moderator


General helper & discord moderator


General helper & discord moderator


Blockchain development


Website dev & Musician



People are excited!


What is a generative comic?
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So AI makes them and combines them?
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So it sounds like the “choose your own ending” books that were popular when I was a kid?
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So each NFT is its own individual story in one discrete panel?
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Why is there so little text on the panels?
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The art style is pretty "western". Why it is called a manga?
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What is the total supply of the project & mint price?
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What is the token distribution?
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Any plans for staking, ERC-20 token ?
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What ?! There will be a Roadmap 2.0?
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When we launch?
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Rarity System

"The value is in the eye of the beholder" Although some traits are rarer than others. For example the "Golden shard" border and "Royal" borders are the rarest borders (beside 1/1s and fully colored pages with the "Golden Gothic" border).


Colored panels are slightly rarer than black and white ones, also just a limited number of panels have a color version!


Our collaborations