Distopians History

Let's learn more about Genesis!


How did the "Distopians" project start?

Distopians started initially as a hand drawn limited supply NFT collectibles project with a sci-fi Dystopic theme. Founded by @cinderquillnft  & @ariaworkshop.
(see our entire team on the home page).

"Distopians is a universe that centers around powerful emotions of hope, redemption and beauty in the chaos."

What is our supply and how it is distributed?

Initially created using the OG design seen below, the collection despite it’s very limited supply of 100 tokens managed to create a diverse field of characters illustrating the core characters used in further expansion of the ecosystem.
The collection initially came in 4 distinct rarities: common, rare, epic, legendary.

Each of phase of the project featured a fresh innovation of the design of the character. Also each phase came with a LEGENDARY with an elemental theme. As shown below: WATER, LIGHTNING, AIR, WOOD, FIRE.

Legendary Distopians
also feature high quality music tracks by a local artist. Each one of the tracks completing the atmosphere of each one of our protagonists. You can listen to them on opensea here:

Listen to Wood Legendary

After the first 100

Corruptions: After the first 100 GENESIS Distopians were created collectors had the opportunity to combine 2 Distopians from different phases in order to create a new, corrupted and more evil character!

Chibis: Chibis was a free to claim drop for OG Distopians holders featuring their favorite Distopian in a cute-more family friendly form.