Distopians Lore

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Their otherworldly appearance sparked many theories. Perhaps they were beings from outer space, living in the darkest corners of the Universe which the humans could not even dream of reaching. There also was the idea of the existence of other dimensions, not too different from ours, from which the Distopians emerged. Others turned their attention not to space but to time – perhaps they were here long before the first human even set foot on land, remnants of a world unknown to man or any other animal; or maybe they came from a time that awaits Earth, man-made creations of the far future, grotesque beings which reflected man’s greed and curiosity. The humans came up with many such explanations about Their origins, but in reality no one knew what They were.

The day that marked their sudden arrival on Earth was a day that mankind will remember as an amassment of feelings of dread, terror & helplessness. But as time had passed, these feelings had started to slowly fade. Humans discovered that despite their terrifying appearance which instilled fear in even the bravest of men, the Distopians were peaceful towards them. They did not interfere with the lives of humans.
Perhaps, they were not so different from them after all. They founded camps and cities in places which would not disturb the humans’ activities activity. They seemed to be quite intelligent, having rules, a hierarchy and a well-established social structure, however their main focus seemed to be their military. They spent all their time practicing combat & military strategies, as if they were preparing for a coming war. This confused the humans, who knew how weak they were in the face of the Distopians.

Why would they need time to practice for a war against the humans? They could have won instantly. And those feelings of dread & helplessness returned with a sudden realization of the humans – the Distopians did not come here to conquer Earth, but to protect it from something which the humans would not have even the s

Although in a generative manga / comic you create your story, there are some key story elements that we had in mind when making the art.

1. The crystal - possesing imense power

2. Corruptions - humans giving in to the evil forces in exchange for power

3. The Watchers - Mysterious shadow creatures

4. The Distopian Detective

5. The droid spy

6. Blossom samurai

7. The Laboratory